The concern to protect the environment gave rise to the creation of the Federal Ministry of Environment in 1999 to ensure effective coordination of all environmental matters, which were hitherto fragmented and resident in different line Ministries. With the rationalization of the Federal Ministries at the end of 2006, Environment and Housing & Urban Development Ministries were merged which gave rise to the Federal Ministry of Environment, Housing & Urban Development. This was to ensure the effective integration and coordination of all environmental matters, housing and land use for urban development. However, in order to align the Ministries to vision 20:2020, Millennium Development Goals and the Transformation Agenda geared towards making Nigeria one of the twenty developed economies of the world by year 2020, the Ministry was in September 2008, excised from the Housing and Urban Development and given a full fledged Ministerial status, known as Federal Ministry of Environment.

Since its establishment, the Ministry has impacted on raising the issue of environmental consciousness in the minds of Nigerians as well as the interface with the Global environmental best practices. It has focused on involving innovative strategies that emphasize the use of environmental re - engineering as a veritable tool for job creation, poverty eradication, ensuring food security, encouraging sustainable economic development and general improvement in the livelihood of Nigerian populace.

At the international level, it has pursued the use of the environment in defining the country's foreign policy thrust as a means of ensuring good governance globally and regionally.

Nigeria through the Ministry has continued to provide purposeful leadership at various international fora – as a representative of the West African Sub-region, the African Continent, Non-aligned Nations as well as developing nations

The New Narrative of FMENV

Empowering People, taking Climate Action and Protecting the Environment are at the heart of changing the new narrative and putting FMEnv firmly on the path to achieving sustainable development. The new narrative puts Federal Ministry of Environment under the leadership of Amina Mohammed and Ibrahim Usman on a path of creating opportunities that grow a prosperous nation through an empowered people, capable of taking action and contributing to the protection of our planet. This is at the core of the administration of President Mohammadu Buhari approach to issues in the environment


The main function of the Ministry revolves around the following key environmental issues, especially, in the area of policy awareness, enforcement and intervention:

  • Desertification and Deforestation;
  • Pollution and Waste Management;
  • Climate change and clean Energy;
  • Flood, Erosion and Coastal Management (Shoreline Protection)
  • Environmental Standards & Regulations

The Ministry's main thrusts are:

  • Reclamation and Rehabilitation of degraded land
  • Biodiversity Conservation and Eco- tourism
  • Effective Waste Management
  • Mitigating the effects of Climate Change
  • Effective Environmental
  • Governance

Our Vision

To be a Nation that develops in harmony with her environment.

Our Mission

To ensure environmental protection, natural resources conservation and sustainable development.

Our Mandate

  • Securing a quality environment conducive for good health and well being of fauna and flora.
  • Promoting sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Restoring and maintaining the ecosystem, ecological process and preserve biodiversity.
  • Raising public awareness and promoting understanding of linkages of the environment.
  • Cooperating with relevant Ministries/ Departments/ Agencies, the private sector, NGOs, and International organizations on environmental matters.