It is headed by Dr. Patt Uyanne. It is mandated to carry out the following:

  • Formulate the general policies and guidelines relating to public sector procurement;
  • Publicise and explain the provisions of the procurement act;
  • Subject to thresholds as may be set by the Council, certify Federal procurement prior to the award of contract;
  • Supervise the implementation of established procurement policies;
  • Monitor the prices of tendered items and keep a national database of standard prices;
  • Publish the details of major contracts in the procurement journal;
  • Publish paper and electronic editions of the procurement journal and maintain an archival system for the procurement journal;
  • Collate and maintain in an archival system, all federal procurement plans and information;
  • Periodically review the socio-economic effect of the policies on procurement and advise the Council accordingly;
  • Prepare and update standard bidding and contract documents;
  • Prevent fraudulent and unfair procurement and where necessary apply administrative sanctions; and
  • Review the procurement and award of contract procedures of every entity to which the procurement act applies.