Drought and Desertification Ameriolation

The focus of drought and desertification amelioration efforts is to ensure the promotion of practices and procedures for reclamation and restoration of dry lands in the country. Implicit in this is the need to formulate and coordinate policies and plans relating to desertification control and drought mitigation. A comprehensive assessment of the extent and intensity of drought and desertification nationwide is at the planning phase. A National Coordinating Committee on Desertification Control (NCCDC) provides overall guidance on the implementation of the UN Convention to combat Desertification (UNCCD).


The mandate of the Department include, among others:

  • ensuring rational utilization, management and conservation of natural resources in the country's drylands as well as effective management of the effects of drought.
  • formulation, implementation and coordination of policies and projects relating combating desertification and effects of drought.
  • promotion of procedures for reclamation and restoration of degraded drylands in the country; and
  • strengthening cooperation and collaboration with other countries and international organizations on matters relating to combating desertification and mitigating the effects of drought.


There are 2 operational Divisions:

  • Drought and Desertification Management Division (DDM)
  • Preparedness and Forecasting (PF)

Policy Issues

Two policy documents that will promote dryland management in Nigeria have been developed with assistance for UNDP and are awaiting Federal Executive Council approval. These are:

  1. National Drought and Desertification Policy, and
  2. National Drought Preparedness Plan